Unit 1


David Hockney is a English Artist who is known for painting, photography and set design. he played a very important part in the world of pop art in the early and late 60s. Some would even consider his work to be some of the most influential and unique from the 20th century.

The joiners: Hockney loved working on collages using Polaroid prints. He would take a variety of photos of a person or object and form them together individually from eyes to mouth etc. Hockney arranged a patchwork to make a beautiful composite image. An example of this is: David_Hockney's_Mother

This is a picture of Hockney’s mother and from this image we can see how well he placed certain photos and snapshots of different angles to form the picture. Hockney took the pictures not only in different angels but also at different times as you can tell with the clothing or background. Hockney’s reason for doing this was because he felt “the result is work that has an affinity with Cubism”. This was Hockney’s vision.

In 1976 Hockney went on to create a well presented portfolio ranging with about 20 etchings. He named it the Blue guitar. The idea was taken from a Poem called the man with the blue guitar who was created by Wallace Stevens. This was then released to the public in 1977. Hockney then went on to use his skills and expertise to make various cover art images for the magazine vogue.

In June of 2007 Hockney went on to create his largest painting called Bigger trees near . The painting ranged of about 15 feet by 40 feet wide. The painting went on to be stored in the Royal Academy largest gallery. The photo attached below is a Picture of the painting.


To this day Hockney has created hundreds of different paintings and works of art from still pictures to oil paintings on canvas. Hockney today still creates beautiful art work embracing technology by using the new apple products such as Iphone and Ipad to create art using the brush tools. In 2011 Hockney held a show called “Fleurs fraîches (Fresh flowers)” which showed off his artwork and designs he had created on his Ipad. Over 100 drawings and designs were shown to the public using more than 25 Ipads/Iphones.





John Stezaker:

John Stezaker is an English artist who was born in 1949. He was born in a town called Worcester. Stezaker is an artist that mainly works on collages which range from postcards, photography and film stills. For his main career Stezaker was a tutor in Critical and historical studies at the Royal College of Art. Stezaker has had many exibitions showing off a variety art that he has created. some of these include : Works(1969-71), beyond art for arts sake( 1972) and Fragments( The photographers gallery 1978). The work that he showed off included:

This type of art to me reflects on how  simply photgrapghs can form together t give off such a powerful and at times personal meaning to them. To me these photographs represent  equality. I can tell from looking at the photos that the time frame gives an old school 1960/70s feel to them. I can tell this by the clothing and hair styles. The man and woman in each picture form perfectly together to show there is no difference between a man or a woman. We are all human and we form characteristics and features that can look identical regardless of gender. I believe the message that Stezaker is trying to give off in these photos is the power of looking at ones self. The pictures all have different emotions and feelings with some having lighter or darker tones. This gives us as an observer a feeling of emotion when looking at his work. The first image gives off a smile and crazy feeling to it which welcomes you to look at it and helps you reflect to those emotions. The final picture gives off a more depressive nature. The emotions on the faces give off pain and for me looking at the photo makes me feel understanding of the emotions and vibe in the picture.






The Pictures i have used:

children victorian workersimage-13

past postcard for upload.png

Past Postcard

This is A postcard from the past that represents the harsh and horrible conditions that children were put in at a time when laws were only starting to get established. I chose this time period as i felt it was an important part of history that really changed and shaped the way Children are brought up and cared for today. Children were forced to work from the age of 5 to 9 depending on their size. Children from the age of 5 were small enough to work in the chimneys and a soot cleaner, this often caused the children to suffer horrible and fatal injuries. Children would often go up the chimney and scrap their knees and elbows in the struggle to climb often resulting in tissue being permanently scared or even removed from those parts all together. Children would often get stuck in the Chimneys and many children suffered fatal injuries from breathing in the toxic fumes and soot. The children would come down from the chimney bleeding and in pain, they would be shown no mercy and sent straight back up another chimney. Children at the age of 9 would often work in factories. They would work very long hours such as 6AM to 8PM Monday to Saturday barely making any money at all. This was because children were seen as cheap labour. The children would have to clean dangerous machinery even when the machines where active causing some children to loose body parts or even death. If the children refused to work or fell asleep they would be beaten and forced to work longer. This to me represents how far the world has come and how different my life and other children’s lives are today compared to only 200 years ago. The laws put in place now protect children and ensure every child has an education and health care. There was a time that this was not the case, and the Victorian children suffered.

In my postcard i have a group of Victorian children that are standing together, you can tell by looking at the children that they are suffering and struggling yet they stand still in order for the photo to be taken. I have used images of robotic limbs to emphasise the effort these children put into there work and how they were often treated. The long hours and struggles these children endured showed almost robotic like behaviour. most of the children had died or were badly beaten simply for showing any signs of normal human behaviour such as fatigue or pain.

I also used a picture of a young girl with a shovel to show there was no difference in female children or male children. Although most of the children were male, Female children would also endure the same amounts of work if there was not enough children or money in the family. From the image you can see just how young and confused this young girl is. She has difficulty understanding why she has to do these things at such a young age. She is not old enough to go to school and have an education. The facial expressions on this young girl shows just how unhappy this time period must have been for young kids.


Present postcard:

The images i have used:


usna.png(I do apologise if the card is small, I do not know how to expand the image.)

My present postcard as shown is to reflect to the Olympic events that took place this year also known as the summer games. Stars such as Usain Bolt and Mo Farah had run their last and successful races to celebrate a fantastic career. The events took place around July of 2017. Olympians from around the world came together to compete in the hopes of taking gold back. This picture represents Usain Bolt speeding past his competition smiling and celebrating. This is to represent how competitive the games were and just how iconic the games and his legacy have become. The Olympics is such a huge event that gets millions of supporters and fans around the world tuning in to see who will become greatness. The biggest Games in history took place in London which was also an honer for us to hold in the UK.

Using research, I found out that the summer games that took place in London for the second time, was one of the biggest sporting events in history. The end of an era. Usain bolt who set records in the previous 2012 olympics had ran the 100 meters sprint for the last time. Although he did not get the achievement of gold as he had hoped, The crowd and millions of fans around the world celebrated and cheered. the fans had to watch in horror as he stumbled to the ground in the relay race due to a hamstring injury. Usain did not finish his final race, but managed to hop around the track to give fans the final send off they deserved for all the support. This was also a great victory for great Britain as the mens relay team had taken home the gold medal!

Also using research, I came across Mo Farah, an incredible runner and Marathon runner who had also ran his last race for great Britain. Mo Farah ran a 5,000 meters race switching between 1st place and 3rd place the whole race. He had finished the race in second place to take home the silver medal. Although this too was not what Mo had hoped, he was happy to get the silver and give the fans a salute and a send off. This too was the end for an amazing runner. Fans all across great Britain celebrated and cheered as Mo ran around the track to celebrate.

I used a firework to also show a sense of celebration. Fireworks show off bright and colourful sparks in the sky that people enjoy watching and celebrating on bonfire night. I used the fireworks to add some colour and a sense of a proud celebration feeling.

I also used the background image of Tracer holding a gold medal. Tracer is known for her speed in the gaming world. She is the definition of fast. I put Bolt next to her as a sign of how fast he is. Usain not only broke Olympic records, he did it in style.



Future postcard:

The photos i used:

futre postcard pic

War, War never changes. The world has become greedy with power. The greed for more power has caused a nuclear destruction from A south American Nuclear waste plant. The technology in the future used Nuclear materials to bring tech to its highest point. Cars, Phones and houses where powered by nuclear materials. So they day the bombs fell in 2050, The world went up in flames. Survivors lived in vaults in order to survive the bombs, but very few made it there in the first place. Creatures of the wild who where now exposed to radiation posed  threat far worse than they once did. Humans pushed technology and growth to the point where they could not handle there own power. Now, everything has gone. The world must learn yet again to survive on the bare minimum. To rebuild itself once again. Learn from the mistakes that cost the world millions of lives. The world is now a wasteland. No laws, no safety. War never changes. But people do. its time to rebuild what is left. Even though all that remains is the painful reminder of what was.

I believe with the way technology is moving today, the government and society is always trying to be better. We are constantly looking for the next best thing or the next best gear, sooner or later we are running out of resources yet using them like no tomorrow. facts to show this is gadgets. Our phones and everyday resources are constantly improving. The latest phone is almost out of date by 6 months of release, computers and social media has become a huge part of our everyday life. North Korea is testing nuclear weapons and bombs that get stronger and more dangerous as months pass. It will not be long before the greed of humans starts to run out and the planet we call home will eventually suffer the price.

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