Andrew Loomis:

Loomis was an American artist in the earl 1900s who specialised in Painting, Drawing and illistrating to teach others the art of a pencil and a blank piece of paper. He released books such as Fun with a pencil, successful drawing and drawing the head and hands. In these books he goes into great detail explaining exactly how to create different drawings and figures. He pays close attention to detail emphasising just how important drawing and art can be. Many artists and big companies that design games and filmography refer to his work or use his examples in the things they do and design. Loomis explains that the “5 P’s (proportion, placement, perspective, planes and pattern) are essential to teach any artist. Loomis published books of very technical and in depth illustrations of various things from faces to cover art for magazines. He was one of the most successful artists and teachers in terms of the art world in his generation. His book successful drawing teaches the art of 3 dimensional drawing and really bringing a drawing alive simply by creating 3D like models that make you not only see a lot more details from eye shape, head shape and facial features to making the drawing look almost as if it was jumping out at you. I have myself researched the book drawing the head and hands in also to get a better understanding of how I can personally improve my drawing and designs.

These are some of the designs created by Loomis. From these images we can have a look at how much detail and time Loomis spent on these drawings. Loomis spends most of his time perfecting human emotions but the love of detail he puts into facial features. The first image(Yellow) shows a young woman. Looking at the image i can see this as a classy well presented woman who has a soft nature to her. Her eyes and presentation teaches me that she may be some kind of teacher or helper. The soft lipstick and smile she gives off feels warm even through the drawing.

The picture of the child is well detailed, Loomis shows the child from different angles each having there own characteristics and details. From each angle the girl looks slightly different, this is done by shading in the darker areas and measuring different parts such as the nose to capture how different it would look from various angles.


Ron Mueck:

Ron Mueck is an artist from Melbourne, Australia. He was born in 1958. He is a scultpor that originally worked as a creative director for Australian children tv shows. He first came to light with his sculpture called “Dead dad” which was a sculpture made entirely from memory of his deceased father.

Ron Mueck . Dead Dad . 1996—1997 (2)

This sculpture was Mueck’s first time being recognised as a sculptor and went on to be held at the Sensation exhibition in 1997 at the Royal academy of Arts.

In 1998 Ron held his first Solo show at the Anthony D’Offay Gallery. He showed off his 16FT sculpture which he named “Boy”. To this day that sculpture is held in the ARoS in Aarhus.

Between the years of 2000-2002 Ron worked on a variety of different sculptures from ‘Mother and child, Swaddled baby and Man in a boat. Ron went on to become an associate at the National Art Gallery.

Ron Mueck spends A lot of his time planning and creating these sculptures. Sometimes it can take him over a year just to create one. This is because Ron pays very close attention and detail to the human body and features of whoever he is creating. The subject of his work is usually very private leaving people to figure out themselves what the message is with the sculpture. He goes into great detail about unspoken thoughts and the inner fears us as humans keep to ourselves.

His work is so widely known that Ron has been in a lot of exhibitions throughout the world. His work has been shown in places like the Royal Arts Academy to the Tate modern. Everyone who has the time to witness one of his sculptures find themselves staring for long periods of time as his sculptures reflect off so many messages silly from the way he designs the face or expressions that he gives his characters. Each expression is different and tells it’s own story.

Here is A look at some of the sculptures Ron Mueck has done:

The Boy: From this picture I can tell Ron was trying to show the more sensitive side to the boy. His face gives off a depressive and scared presence which tells me this boy has been through some hard times and is trying to hide it. His face however shows just how the boy is feeling inside. To me this represents a big problem that we have today where males tend to hide there feelings and close themselves off in the world which results in suicide and untold answers for many families. The boy is bending down with his hands protecting himself. This again to me represents a closed off soul who is guarding and protecting himself from whatever he faces or hides away. I feel this picture is very reflective to a lot of young people who may not be able to really express themselves or their pain. This also helps a lot of adults reflect to maybe a time in there life when they felt like this child. Although the sculpture is very impressing and well built. The level of detail in facial and bodily expressions is what gives this sculpture its meaning.

A man on a boat: This sculpture to me reflects a man on a journey. When you first look at the image you can just see a man sitting naked on a boat. However there is so much more to this image. The man being naked for me reflect freedom. He is free to wear his own skin and be happy with the way he looks and feels. His arms crossed and his body posture tells me he is looking for something. He is focused on a path that he is going towards. The boat is the dos important part. A boat doesn’t just floats, it takes you on a journey. This man is on a journey and a destination. He is sailing through. SO putting everything together, this is a man who is comfortable and free in his own body looking forward sailing through on the journey that he has set his eyes upon. I feel like a lot of people can represent because as humans thats what we all aim to do.

Stabbed boy: The Sculpture of the boy looking at his wounds represents the hidden pain in todays generation. With all the knife crime going on today this sculpture reflects the everyday struggle for a young person. The wound is deep and the boy has to look down and take a look before he realises whats happened. The face of the boy shows the nothing but strength and courage even though the pain he is going through.

My Villain:

Name: Bobby Dinlow

Place of Origin: Unknown

Bobby Dinlow is a dangerous assasin who kills for huge sums of money. Dinlow is specialised with a variety of different weapons from close range blades to long range .50 sniper rifles. Dunlop is a dangerous killer who always finds a weakness in his victims before executing them without any trace of his movements. The only way to recognise if a victim fell short to Dinlow is by the card he leaves behind. Being fast and armed, Dinlow is able to get into a fully locked down building with the best security without being spotted or heard. Every person he runs into or attempts to stop him ends up in the same place as those who tried before. Dinlow once killed the Russian President at a meeting from 5 streets away using a long tower block and a sniper rifle. Police rushed to the scene in order to figure out where the bullet had been taken but Dinlow had left no trace or evidence of being present. It also helps that Dinlow does not come up on any security system in the planet. He is truly off the grid. A ghost who never lets anyone live long enough to tell who he is.  The only piece of evidence the police can go on is his ghost like appearance. The mask worn by Dinlow was handed down to his by a group of Assasins from the group , Shadow of war. The most dangerous group of Assassins in the world. But even they fell short to the end of Dinlow’s smoking bullets each found with a bullet lodged into the centre of there chest with their own name on it.

Using Sculptures, These were the first few designs of my character. Although i was new the the world of sculpting, i tried to use my imagination to create a character that looks visually wacky and unstable. I wanted to give my character the look of insanity and go along the lines of intimidation. The photos above are front and side views of the day 1 version of my character. You can see they are not extreamily detailed and show my lack of understanding of the software. I used a variety of different techniques an tools such as inflate and crease to try and build a 3D figure with detail. However as time passed i became more familier with the site and comfortable enough to create a final version of my character.

This is a front and side view of my final character creation. From the photos you can see a lot more detail and depth to the character. The groves on his mask and creases in his eyes and move really bring the character to life and separate this model from my previous cartoon like appereance. The inflated hood around his mask really give off a sense of stealth while the eyes and mouth show an intimidating scream like face to look at. The mask is detailed with spikes around the bottom of the sculpture to show off the dangly silk cotton that hangs from the mask and also where my character places on his mask. The silk like spikes blend in with the rest of my characters outfit in a streamed like fashion.

full body frontfull body side

This is a full body version of my character. I tried my best to show off his chest armour which straps around his chest. As it is a Bulky plate of armour i tried to use inflate to make the straps rise from his body. The cut sleeves go around the top of my character’s shoulders to give off a tank top like look. My character wears simply black jeans with belt to hold up his trousers. I show this by trying to include the back pockets and front pockets in the jeans as well as include the belt and its buckle.


This is a sketch of my character. I have tried to use aromatic sketches to picture what i wanted my character to look like and how tall he would be. I wanted to make sure my character was in between 7 to 8 heads tall. From my sketches you can see a full body picture of how i originally planned my character and a side view. This was for my to get an idea of his figure, shape and placements of bones and clothing. The right of my sketches shows my character’s face. The mask he is wearing has different lengths and slopes throughout the mask. From the from we get a ghost/ reaper sort of feel to his mask. We can see the dents in his eyes to the pushed over flap that rims his mask. From the side we can tell how the chin sort of dislocates from the rest of the mask and pushes outwards. The slanted curve is where the rubber mask gives off the long ghost mouth. however the dent just between the mask and mouth is where my character would fit into the mask and his own face would fit into the mask.

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