Fire Safety Animation:

Research public fire safety animation films:

Joe and Petunia:

Joe and Petunia are 2D characters that are designed to be a typical couple who do not have the best social awareness. They are really funny looking characters with distinctive looks and features that attracts the viewer and makes the viewer laugh. Joe who has very big teeth and an oval head shape is designed to look like an average middle aged man that does not exactly look the smartest. Petunia is a big lady who clearly enjoys wearing makeup and fancy clothes. Their style of design reminds me of those in the Roald Dahl books. 2 dimensional with very limited animation apart from the features that actually matter such as the eyes and mouth.joe11

The message: In the short video of Joe and Petunia by the sea, They are enjoying their day and looking out into the sea. Without A care in the world Joe and Petunia are gladly enjoying their holiday. From A distance  man seems to be waving at Joe and so throughout the short animation Joe is commenting on how kind the people are and what a nice man the dude waving in the sea seems to be. To the audience we can realise and spot that the man is not waving and swimming, he in fact fell off his boat and is signalling for help. Although the audience finds in amusing and entertaining to hear joe comment on the guy struggling and completely missing the signs. It in fact tries to tell the audience in a humorous way that swimming in bad weather and being far out in sea can cause serious problems and put your life in danger. people such as Joe and Petunia may not be able to tell what your signalling for if you are too far out and that is why it is best not to go swimming in the sea when the weather is bad and definitely not smart to swim or go out too far into the sea as the waves get stronger and push you further out that you originally intended. The characterisation of Joe and Petunia works as sort of A Dora the explorer fashion. When joe repeatedly gets the mans signals wrong it makes the audience scream out to themselves what they spot and start to get annoyed that Joe is getting it wrong. The message plays in the viewers head throughout the video as we can see exactly what is happening to the poor man at sea.

Charley Says:

Charley Says is a 2D animation involving a little boy and A cat called Charley that informs the boy on safety. In one video the cat is standing right underneath a hot pan in the kitchen. The boiling water from the pan filled with lovely food starts to bubble and spray Charley. Charley feels flustered by the water and runs off to the little boy to inform him about safety. Charley advises the little boy to stay out of the kitchen because things are very hot and dangerous in the kitchen. Charley is A smart cat that always advises the little boy on what he should do. The video explains everyday dangers and uses the cat as like a guide to tell children and the viewer that you should always listen to the people you trust when they advise you not to do something. The target audience is young children. As Cats are lovable creatures children would be engaged to listen to the cat and find the cat really funny. But the important message is delivered exceptionally by the young boy who leans on his cat for advise.


The Hedgehog road safety campaign:

The Hedgehog campaign is A fairly reacent safety campaign to raise awareness to road safety to young kids. The animation involves a couple of cartoony Hedgehogs who sing A catchy song explaining what to do when crossing the road. The catchy song allow kids to get attracted to the video and sing along to the song which result in imprinting the message into the viewers mind. The catchy nature makes the video very easy to watch and be entertained without making the message to silly. The main points of the video are addressed and made very clear without being too serious and dramatic. The Hedgehogs are small likeable characters with a cute nature that help the target audience remember and relate to the characters. The height of the characters make it relatable as well as showing the dangers of cars on the roads. The catchy quote , “Stop, Look, Listen” is spread across the video which draws in the viewer and is easily remembered. This allows kids to remember the message easily simply by remembering this catchy but serious catchline.

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My own safety animation video:

My character is called Captain Fire-Daddy. He is A strong superhero looking man who never stops helping people learn the importance of fire safety. His superpowers are detecting danger which could result in a fire before it happens. His super knowledge and awareness teaches people that fire can essentially kill if not careful. The lighthearted animation that I have created shows Captain Fire-daddy stopping A child from setting his house on fire by playing with his mothers is Captain Safety.

Here is my own version that I drew of the character:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 09.56.08

Captain Fire-daddy comes to the little boy’s house to inform him to listen to his mother about playing with fire and matches. Captain fire-daddy’s has saved and informed many kids of the dangers of playing with fire. He warns the kid that his mother is right and to be big and strong like him the boy needs to listen. After that Captain Fire-daddy proceeds to take lift off and fly away to save another child’s life. The message is to inform kid that fire is dangerous and can be fatal.